H2 Electrolyser

What is Bliss Americas' AEM electrolyser?:
  • The Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolyser Package is a system used to produce low cost and high throughput Green Hydrogen through the process of Water Electrolysis.
  • AEM Electrolysis is a new technology in the market that combines the benefit of both previous Electrolyser technologies, namely AEL and PEM. It uses inexpensive and abundant electrode materials such as Nickel, Iron, Cobalt etc. as opposed to Titanium or Iridium (inspired by AEL) and a solid polymer membrane backbone (inspired by PEM).
  • AEM Electrolysers exhibit best in class CAPEX and OPEX costs as compared to AEL & PEM and use cheaper and easily available materials for its stack components. We plan to develop the most efficient and cost-effective Electrolyser in the market, with plans to scale up to the Gigawatt Level soon.

Current State of the Art and Shortcomings
  • As of now, AEM technology is only at its early stages of development and implementation. It combines the benefits of both alkaline electrolyser (AEL) and proton exchange membrane electrolyser (PEM) systems.
  • The production rates from AEM electrolysers are higher than alkaline electrolysers (AELs) even though it is more mature than the former. It also exhibits better CAPEX and OPEX values than PEM and AEL electrolysers respectively. The bipolar plates used in PEM electrolysers are made from expensive metals, whereas AEM electrolysers have been using cheaper and easily available metals.
  • The main challenges with AEM technology right now are doing real time testing to ascertain membrane efficiency, durability & stability, electrocatalyst stability and performance and decreasing CAPEX costs for future scaling up.

Advantages of Bliss Americas' AEM electrolyser
  • Significantly lower CAPEX than AEL and PEM technologies
  • Inexpensive stack components and non – noble electrodes such as Nickel, Iron, Cobalt etc.
  • Higher Ionic conductivity
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical stability